Will & Trust Disputes

Resolving Will & Trust Disputes
The death of a loved one and the probate of his or her estate are a stressful time for families. Disputes over wills, trusts and other estate matters are common. With skilled legal guidance, it is often possible to resolve estate disputes efficiently while maintaining good will between the disputing parties.

At The Desert Soto Law Group, we have extensive experience handling will and trust disputes for clients in Indian Wells and throughout surrounding California communities. Attorney R. DeDe Soto will work with you personally to help you explore your legal options and resolve your dispute in an amicable, cost-effective manner.

Strong, Effective Representation For Estate Disputes

We are prepared to handle all types of estate litigation, including cases involving:

  • Claims of incapacity and undue influence
  • Executor fraud
  • Disputes with family members from a prior marriage
  • Distributing assets in accordance with a will
  • If there is no will, assets will be distributed according to state law.
Estate disputes often pit one family member against the other. We strive to resolve these disputes in an amicable manner, causing as little damage as possible to the fabric of the family.

Our approach to estate litigation is to try to reach agreement between the parties while operating from a position of strength. A drawn-out legal battle is rarely in anyone's best interests. We are skilled at resolving will and trust disputes through negotiation and settlement and through mediation, when appropriate. When trial is necessary, we are prepared.

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